Chapter 1: summary of what characterises differences between men and women

Geary gives this summary in Chapter 1 of what he thinks the differences are between men and women.

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At its core , men have evolved to attempt to organize their social world and life trajectory in ways that increase their social status and influence within the wider communities in which they live , and they have evolved to attempt to gain access to and control of culturally important resources . In short , men are focused on achieving status and recognition in a niche that is valued in the wider culture ( e.g . , a respected warrior or physician ) and through this obtain some level of social potency and access to resources that are important in that culture ( e.g . , cows , cash ) . As we will see in Chapter 8 , men who are successful in these endeavors are more likely to marry and have children than are their less successful peers . Women have evolved to attempt to create networks of social relationships that provide them and their children with social and emotional support and that enhance their access to and control of culturally important resources . The nature of these networks can vary from nuclear families ( e.g . , husband , wife , children ) to female - biased families ( e.g . , mother , grandmother , children ) , but whatever form they take , women who are successful in developing and maintaining social networks have healthier children and more surviving children .