Your Customers And Potential Phone Number List

This tool you can enter the keywords and get Phone Number List suggestions and specify them for video. You can of course also ‘just’ use the AdWords Keyword Planner tool to find out search volumes for certain keywords. It is often used as a Phone Number List guideline that if a keyword has a search volume of 300+ per month in Google, then enough is searched for it in YouTube to start optimizing for it. Read: more search volume in Google = more search Phone Number List volume in YouTube. Keyword tool is a suggestion tool and has an option specifically for YouTube.

You can also type your keywords Phone Number List directly into YouTube to get suggestions and ideas. Finally, YouTube trends is another option for getting ideas, but my least favorite option. This is more of a source of inspiration than data. Keywords Phone Number List with video in Google It is also possible to rank high in Google with a video. For this you need to find so-called ‘video keywords’: keywords on which many videos rank and preferably in the top positions. You do this simply by googling your keywords yourself. You will see Phone Number List one of these three results: The top positions are all videos video seo google search results.

The majority consists of regular search Phone Number List results and one or two videos rank in the (sub)top seo for video google search results No videos rank at all Keywords that are often sensitive/specific to videos Phone Number List include: Keyword + video, trailer, et cetera; how to; reviews; Tutorials and walk-throughs. Optimizing videos To rank high in YouTube or Google, it is important that your keywords are in a Phone Number List number of places, you have enough content and the engagement metrics are good.